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What’s New in Groundwater Vistas Version 6

Licensing & Operating Systems

  • Native 64‐bit Version of Groundwater Vistas & all models (not available in Standard version)
    • 64‐bit version 20% to 97% faster than GV Version 5**
    • 32‐bit version 20% to 60% faster than GV Version 5**
  • Supports 32‐bit and 64‐bit Versions of Windows XP, Vista, and 7
  • New HASP keys (dongles) allow us to provide upgrades via email

New Model Versions

  • MODFLOW2000 Version 1.19.01/li>
  • MODFLOW2005 Version 1.8
  • MODFLOW‐NWT Version 1.0
  • MT3DMS Version 5.3
  • MODPATH Version 5
  • MODFLOW‐Surfact Version 4*
    • Including TMP1 Package for transient hydraulic property changes
    • Density‐dependent Flow
  • PEST Version 12.1 (with BEOPEST)

MODFLOW Packages & Options

  • Conduit Flow Process (CFP)/li>
  • Sea Water Intrusion (SWI) Package for MODFLOW2000
  • PCGn Solver for MODFLOW2000 and MODFLOW2005
  • UPW & NWT Packages for MODFLOW‐NWT
  • MNW2 Package for MODFLOW2000 and MODFLOW2005
  • SAMG Solver for MODFLOW2000 and MODFLOW2005*
  • Free Format option when writing MODFLOW input files
  • Write vertical anisotropy to LPF Package
  • Delete and insert stress periods
  • Option to not use negative IBOUND values in BASIC Package (use CHD instead)
  • Latest GMG solver modifications
  • Console versions of MODFLOW2000/2005 compatible with ESI Windows Versions

Groundwater Vistas Interface

  • Pan the plan view by grabbing with mouse
  • Zoom using scroll wheel on mouse
  • Return to previous views
  • More buttons on toolbar
  • Jump to specific time step
  • Delete figures
  • Cell inspector to view grid cell properties
  • Remembers options selected on key functions (e.g. import surfer files etc.)
  • Option to plot pressure head for MODFLOW‐Surfact
  • Plot miniature hydrographs next to targets and monitoring wells
  • Improved cut/copy/paste in all spreadsheets
  • Option to activate memory compression (not available in Standard version)
  • Draw outline of active model grid
  • Option to only draw active grid cells
  • Option to lock analytic elements so they cannot be accidentally moved
  • Convert shapefiles to KML for display in Google Earth
  • Color‐flood Boundary Condition cells based on computed flux
  • Compute mean/standard deviation for range of time steps in transient run
  • Associate projection file with exported shapefiles
  • Significantly expanded list of commands in automated reports/run logs
  • Enhanced Legend Contents

Pest and Calibration

  • Estimate vertical anisotropy (zones or pilot points)
  • Display pilot points that hit bounds
  • Display N largest residuals
  • Automatically rename all pilot points
  • Transient target report
  • Option to use command‐line model versions
  • Censored targets
  • Function to Shift Target Times
  • Flow direction targets
  • Setup of Beopest runs

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