Parameter estimation and model calibration may seem complicated, and you are correct if you don’t have software to help you make better informed decisions about your model. PEST has become a global phenomena with more and more professionals are relying on PEST to help provide a better calibrated groundwater model. In addition to offering PEST, we also provide courses on practical approaches to calibrating your model. Give us a call for more information!

Pumping Test & Data Analysis

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  • PEST

PEST and its utilities allow a user to undertake comprehensive linear and nonlinear parameter and predictive uncertainty analysis as an adjunct to calibration based on highly parameterized inversion. PEST is more than just software. It is a whole new way of doing real-world environmental modeling. Contact us today for more information!

Applications and Use:

  • PEST provides a way of understanding what model calibration can achieve and what it cannot achieve.
  • PEST provides the means to get the most information possible out of your data and into your model.
  • It provides the means to assess the (often considerable) uncertainty associated with model parameters and predictions, even after a model has been calibrated.
  • PEST can tell you where model predictive uncertainty is coming from, and what data you need to gather to most effectively reduce it.
  • PEST implements both traditional parameter estimation based on the use of only a few parameters, as well as highly-parameterized, regularized inversion based on the use of hundreds (or even thousands) of parameters.
  • It implements both linear and nonlinear uncertainty analysis, including its unique, efficient and powerful “null-space Monte Carlo” methodology for rapid generation of many different calibration-constrained parameter fields.
  • PEST is supported by a plethora of utility software that expedites its use in conjunction with many widely-used environmental models.

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